Whether you live around or stop by the neighborhood, we got the ultimate guide to stay active and have fun in South Jakarta area.

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Taman Ayodya & Taman Langsat

A patch of green in the middle of busy street and nearby market, these parks can be your next training ground.

Lapangan Basket YPK

Looking to shoot some hoops or a bootcamp kind of morning? Get your friends and break a sweat together.

SANA Studio

Here is a space that will always welcome you home. Cipete, Polim or Kemang, we got you.

Cipete CFD

Cipete Car Free Day

Take a walk down the m̶e̶m̶o̶r̶i̶e̶s̶ neighborhood lane for Cipete Car Free Day every first week of the month and explore the ‘hood in a different way.

☕️ Coffee Call

Dua Coffee

Two words that describe Dua Coffee: conversation starter. It has solid combination of crowd-pleasing menu with more adventurous ones that will keep you comfortable for hours.

But First Coffee

But First Coffee hasn’t changed much since its conception in 2015, that means small and cozy space with guaranteed good cup of coffee.


For those early morning or late afternoon chat post-training, there is nothing better than Kopi SANA’s balanced coffee and bright ambience.

7Speed Coffee

Tucked in the depth of Kemang, 7Speed Coffee is a place you instantly feel home at. The place feels lively on the weekend, but be lucky to catch it at its downtime and enjoy the laid back feel.

🌯 Post-Run Munch

Bubur Apjay

Morning sun calls for a hearty slurp. Don’t miss this welcoming bowl of porridge in front of Alfa Midi Panglima Polim as they run out quite fast! Are you Team Bubur Diaduk or No Aduk?

Pizza Place

Pizza Place keeps the pin rolling to serve you the freshest NY-style pizza, with a thin crust and slabbed with savory tomato sauce and your favorite topping. Ah, such a bliss.

Haka Dimsum

There’s something comforting about piping hot shaomai and hakau that makes the belly growls louder and hungrier. Pair your dimsum with the subtly sweet chrysanthemum tea or refreshing badak drink!

Pasar Mayestik

If you are someone who loves to try various food in one go, then Pasar Mayestik can be your next adventure. Start with the classic Bakmi Boy, then walk it off and try pecel madiun and end it with a treat of serabi or kue cubit.

🙌 Fun Time

Itje Her

Let’s cut to the chase, we women know the best kind of fun time is a head-to-toe me-time at the salon. Your mom probably took you here for the first time and this salon just grows on you. Tuck in with a good book and relax!


Dia.lo.gue’s ever-changing exhibitions and events always gives fresh breath of air. You never know what you will learn! The cafe and gift shop will also make your visit worthwhile.


Everyone knows that spending time with animals outdoor help to boost your mood. Stop by COMO Park to get your Vitamin A (for animals, that is!) and D (we mean real vitamin D from the sun!).


Feeling under the weather? Or had a long day? Sneak in an hour or two at Yuyuantang Reflexology and you’ll come out feeling like a new woman!

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